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Amy Swimming

img_8420This is Amy with her swim coach. When she was born 14 years ago, the literature written about down syndrome kids was very grim. We felt it would be best for Amy if we treated her as much like our other children as possible, disregarding what was written, and instead believed she would grow to be “Amy” with strengths and weakness just like other people. It has been so rewarding, as Amy’s parents, to see all the support and encouragement Amy gets as she swims the 50 yard freestyle in exhibition. It takes her over a minute to swim, but the entire way down and back, her team mates, coaches and fans are cheering her on! To be a part of the roaring crowd and see the joy and accomplishment on Amy’s face, and her team mates and coaches is an amazing experience. The people in Amy’s life who guide her along, ignore her silly sounds, and make her feel like she is part of a team, are amazing. She is surrounded by friends and teachers who know her, love her and support her. They see her strengths and help her be the best she can be. We are blessed to live in a community that can see beyond the stereotypes, and follow their heart. After a race Amy is so overwhelmed with emotion, that she cries. It is not tears of sadness or joy, but tears of appreciation. In her heart, she knows what she can do, and when she is allowed to do it, it is the greatest feeling in the world!