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Hello Barb, ¬†We just wanted to give another update on our Ace man (Zoey/Champ 10-9-15)! ūüôā¬†Ace went to his third vet check last week and remains a very healthy puppy weighing at 27.5 lbs! The vet continues to be impressed with his beauty and demeanor. Ace also continues to impress us as well! His ability to learn and listen astonishes us daily! He currently knows how to sit, stay, come, fetch, shake, high five,lay down, and sits by the door or gets our attention when he has to go to the bathroom. He is working on mastering heel but is very close!

He has also enjoyed going on runs with us too. We are slowly adding distance to our runs with him. Patrick and I have noticed the hunting intuition in him as well. We live right next to a field and he enjoys trying to find little critters that are burrowed underneath the brush and favors the bird toys to play with. Needless to say, Patrick is excited to teach him how to hunt. He loves to nap by the door,underneath someones feet, and of course next to someone who is giving him rubs :-). Our neighborhood has a lot of dogs for Ace to socialize with and enjoys romping in the snow and playing with them. His best friend in the neighborhood is our next door neighbors Westie. The Westie will sit outside our front door and bark waiting for Ace to come out and play :-). Ace also adores children as well as they adore him. We are excited about that because we want to have kids in the future.  Attached are some pictures of Ace. I hope 2016 is treating you all well! Best Wishes, Amber, Patrick, and Ace