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A little help from my friends

It’s that time of year when it is so fun to send greetings to all of our friends, and all our clients. This year between our personal cards, and our business cards, we are sending out 884 cards! I think the concept of sending greetings is great. I personally love getting cards, photos and updates. There should be this happy feeling about sending out your Christmas cards. Well, this year, that happy feeling was hard to find! First, I did not have a photo to use for either card, our family or business, until December 15! Anna got on the computer and found some photos she had taken this summer, and we sent them to Kelly, who put them together to make the card. Once the cards arrived, I tried to print on the envelope, to save time. This is usually a job Christie does for me, but this year she could not come home in time to get them done, so…I tried, but the printer kept jamming. I finally decided to print labels, before I took a hammer to the printer! So, labels, no big deal, right….wrong! I have a new program, and had it in my head I wanted to put a photo of one of our puppies on the return address. I think I spent about two hours trying to figure it out! Well, this morning at 6:00 a.m I got it! Last night when Daniel’s friends were over, we recruited them to glue the envelopes, put the address label and stamps on!! I can happily say that I am sending the cards off this afternoon! Between all of the cards, envelopes, labels and stamps, I was making hot chocolate mix for Russ’s co-workers. I went to bed last night feeling over whelmed. This morning Kelly emailed that someone she knows was expecting a baby any day, and it died. This woman will give birth today, to a still born child. I can’t tell you what this news did to me. I don’t know this woman, but my heart aches for her! It brought everything into perspective for me. All the rushing around, trying to get so much done, forgetting to take time to just drink in the moment with the people you love. The toilets can be dirty, the garage not swept…I don’t care. I am so thankful for my life and all the wonderful people that I love. Holding these precious puppies, knowing they will grow and bring joy to so many, makes my heart sing. Today I am rejoicing in the life I live, and all that I have to be thankful. I am not going to let unbaked cookies and unwrapped gifts get to me…I have it all!