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Hi Barb,

Crosby is still the center of our world. He is maturing into such a sensitive, kind and wonderful big boy. His puppy exuberance is waning a little bit but his joyful social personality continues to grow. He’s about 95 lbs now and I could not be happier that we’ve waited to neuter him as his physique has changed so dramatically in just the past three months. He has the look of a quintessential classic Golden with his broad chest and proud posture, and he continues to draw stares and stop folks in their tracks! He is very protective of us but behind his manly voice he’s a total lover of everyone. I wanted to send you an updated picture and the boys voted for the one attached. I wonder how many Rolling Oaks Goldens are hockey dogs?! Crosby is a pro at “shagging pucks” and interrupting the boys’ passes. When he is “benched” for interference, he pouts admirably at the back door until the boys cave in and let him back out on the rink. He is never one to miss out on the action!

I hope this finds you and all of your wonderful family doing well. Much love from Massachusetts!


(Crosby is from Ruby and Captain)

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