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Hi Barb,

I can’t believe that it has been over three months since I last sent you some photos of Sadie (from Captain and Jasmine’s July 2008 litter)! As you can see, at 5 months she is still beautiful and is growing daily. She was just spayed last week and we are all eagerly awaiting the vet releasing her to “full activity”! She did very well after the surgery–she didn’t even need to wear the dreaded “cone” after the first night— but she thinks she has been ready to be at “full activity” for several days now and really wants to resume her daily trips to the off-leash dog park!

She was a big hit at our families’ Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations—she accepted the adulation of the crowds with graciousness and relative calm, assuring that she will be welcome at future gatherings! She did, however, learn the potential rewards of “counter-surfing”, so we are working at re-educating her in that regard!

She continues to be a wonderful dog—smart, playful and loving–and we thank you again for choosing her for us.

Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy New Year,

Julie, Ron and Caitlin (and Sadie!)

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