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Yesterday I was on my way to an appointment for Grandpa John. He has been living with us after suffering a stroke, but went to his sister’s over the holiday. I was going 55 when and older man pulled out in front of me. I tried to pass him and lost control, and ended up rolling the van. My purse had strewn all around the van, and I frantically put everything back into it while saying to myself out loud, “your okay, your okay…your fine…your okay!” I can’t believe how fast it all happened, how I was on my way to get John one minute, and the next flying through the field! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to walk away without even a scratch. I felt such a presence in the van. As soon as I lost control I cried out to God for help, and as I rolled, I felt like a pillow of protection around me! I didn’t even get a bruise from the seat belt. There was glass everywhere, and I did have my eyes checked because the inside of my sun glasses were full of tiny sheared pieces. I can only say “thank you Lord” for more time on earth! I feel like I have so much living left to do, and so much to give to the King! I laid in bed last night thinking of my family, and how very much I love them. Today I am sending each one a letter to tell them how much they mean to me. Life is so fragile. Take a minute today and reflect on all you have. All the love you receive, not only from your family and friends, but from your sweet golden. Life is good. It is so, so good! I



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