Hi, Barb and Russ and family~

I thought I’d update you on Tori (pink collar from Emmy and Captain’s Feb. litter.) She’s almost 9 months old now, and so much fun!

The training you did with her this summer has been so helpful. We’re working on training her not to jump up on people right now. She loves everyone so much that she just can’t seem to contain her joy! I’m glad you warned us that there might be times she could be rebellious- she does have occasional “adolescent moments” where reason and impulse control go out the window. If only some of your techniques could be used on adolescent children, but I’m afraid the prong collar wouldn’t go over well with the local authorities… J

Today she is overjoyed with the snow! There’s nothing like seeing a dog taken up with the joy of new discovery. She makes us laugh many times a day. It’s no wonder having a dog is good for your health!

I’m attaching a few pictures of Tori doing her favorite things- exploring the woods and playing in the snow. Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family!



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