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My father in law is living with us while recovering from a stroke. John was a dairy farmer. His parents came to America from Holland when they were 28 years old. To this day John can speak fluent Dutch! His first marriage was to Russ’s mom, when he was 47 years old! When ever John needed a place to recover, he has come to stay with us. I have come to cherish the time with John. Although the cows are the most important thing in his life, as he lives in our home and sees what a typical family is like, I think he likes it! I see each one of our dogs snuggle up to him, they are all attracted to his kind heart. It has been so good for our family to learn the ways of former times, and appreciate the conviences of running water and electricity.

In John’s day, there was no time for sports, and barely time for school. He has worked hard all his days, and now having a hard time being forced to slow down due to his age. I have gotten so used to having John here, I will really miss him when he leaves. There is a lesson to learn from the elderly. They see things in a clearer light than we do. Sometimes I get worked up about something and John will calm me down with a story from his past and how it all worked out! As I watch him slowly walk around the yard and pick up a stick here and there, snuggle with a puppy or read to Amy, I am blessed to have such a special man in my life.

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