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Some of you have asked to see photos of Captain/Maddies puppies. This is Leo, from Captain/Maddies first litter, two years ago. His family sent the following message:

Hi Barb –
Here’s a great close up of Leo, and a picture of him with our girls on the first day of school this year. He is a fantastic dog. Our girls (8, 6 and 3) just adore him. He is so good with them and loves to cuddle with them.

His favorite activity is to fetch up the training bumper in the backyard. He would do it all day long if he could. He looks so good running after it and so happy bringing it back. He is fast, muscular and lean. At a little less than 2 years old we still call him our puppy. Albeit a nearly 100 pound puppy. He was standing in the backyard the other day with his ears perked up making his head look even more blocky and he looked just like his dad.

He is very intelligent and loving. In fact, his second favorite thing to do besides fetching is holding hands. He’s very affectionate. In fact, he just decided to curl up on the sofa next to me as I write this. He has been perfect for our family.

Johnny, Catherine, Maddie, Ella, Quinn

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