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Hi Barb – we’re having just glorious Fall weather out here and have been going on loads of walks in the local nature preserves.  Our goal has been trying to get Crosby to go swimming – he’s been so reluctant and a little bit scared but we’ve just been coaxing him along a little each day.  Today we were out again and as we arrived at a swimming pond, two older goldens came trotting down the trail.  Their owners were kind enough to have their dogs go swimming to see if Crosby would follow along.  It took a few tries (he would only go in up to his belly and then would back out) but eventually he was just too eager to get the other dogs’ sticks that he finally plunged in.  He was so proud he kept running out to me as if he were saying, “MOM, did you see THAT??”  Of course, it was then nearly impossible to get him out once he discovered what fun he could have J  When we finally got going again on the trail, the other owners called out to me and said “Where did you get him?  We’ve never seen a Golden like him.  Who is your breeder?”  Once again, we were not surprised by their questions – he is so regal and beautiful!  Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy…


Hope all is well!

– Kristin


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