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Hi Barb-

We wanted to send you another update on Moose! We take him to Afton State Park at least once a week now. He absolutely loves it. We take him down to the river, which is the St. Croix, where he loves to swim! There isn’t a day that goes by still that we don’t get a compliment on how handsome he is. He has been a great addition to our family with his wonderful personality-he has a very playful and loving personality that makes us laugh everyday! He loves meeting new people and dogs-he is always friendly to every person and dog he meets! It is so nice to know that we can bring him around anyone and he will be friendly and loving. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog! And we can’t wait for you to see him when we bring him for training in Oct. We hope you enjoy the pictures of him at Afton State Park!

Proud Parents, Erin and Mike

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