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image001image002image003Hi Barb – Just wanted to share a few pictures of our beautiful dog, Kenai (Emmy/Champ) She has grown into a really nice family member. Pam and I moved up to the North Shore this past fall (about 10 miles north of Duluth). Kenai has a huge fenced in back yard, but more importantly to her she has Lake Superior. She loves to swim. The picture of her in the water was taken on Feb 4 when it was only 5 degrees out. I couldn’t believe she jumped in and then continued to play for several minutes. Once she came out she rolled in the snow and never showed any signs of being cold! She is a great running partner for me since she turned one – and is routinely running 3-4 miles at time. She is very petite, weighing only 49-50 pounds, which is fine with us. She receives innumerable comments about how beautiful she is. We couldn’t be happier with her temperament – she plays hard when we’re outside, but is extremely well behaved and gentle in the house. She still makes us laugh daily. Hope that all is well with you and your family.