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We are busy getting ready for Daniel’s graduation party on Sunday. The kids have all been coming home to help get the farm spruced up. David came yesterday with his window cleaning crew and our windows are sparkling! I am so proud of David. He graduated from Bethel and started his own window cleaning business two years ago. He has been very successful. I am not proud because of his success in business, but because of his work ethics. Growing up he observed and participated in how Rolling Oaks is run. Honesty, integrity and giving your best. I see him carry these traits into his adult life, and now his own business. He has an awesome group of young men working for him, and they do a great job. They are proud of their work, and strive to make the clients happy, giving a fair price for a job well done. Can you tell I am his mom? I don’t mean to brag, but it is such a blessing to see all the hard work and prayer you put into your children as they are growing up, turn out to be a dream come true!

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