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This is a message from a recent client of ours:

Hi,Hope you and your family are doing great and are enjoying the Spring weather!

We received Buddy from you in November 2007 from Captain and Jewel’s litter. He is doing so well!! He is such a joy!! I think he looks a lot like his Dad. He loves all the kids in the neighborhood, older people at my mother in law’s nursing home and pretty much any person or dog. We have been going to the dog park a lot and he LOVES to play with the other dogs and run and chew sticks. We have a lot of fun there meeting other people. Thank you so much for socializing him so well as a young pup! He has really blended into our family well and now I don’t know how I lived without him because I love him so much!!

He is very smart and obedient for his age and has a very calm disposition. He walks like a lion, kind of saunters and has a very proud prance when we go for walks. It is so fun to watch him grow. We are in puppy class with his sister Olivia and that is really fun to see them play too!!

Thanks again for everything.

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