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We are so sad at Rolling Oaks. Our stud dog Banner had a massive stroke, and had to be put down. This is Banner when he was four years old. Banner was the best dog! He produced so many healthy, happy, beautiful puppies. His stroke was not ordinary, or hereditary. A fluky thing that can happen. We are heart broken to lose such a wonderful dog.

Banner had his last litters this summer, and we had retired him from breeding. It helps to know that he did not suffer, and all he knew his entire life was love. He lived a perfect life…romping in the woods, running with the other dogs and being the very best daddy! He had a great job here at Rolling Oaks! When I knew it was time for him to go, I held him in my arms, and looked him in the eye, and he seemed to say “It’s okay, I know I have to go..” He never stopped wagging his tail. There will never be another Banner. He is named after his great grandfather who was the main stud dog for Kansas City Service Dogs.

There is a park in Kansas City named Banner Park after our Banners great grandfather. I feel so privileged to have owned Banner, and been able to love him all his life, and share his gorgeous puppies with so many. My heart aches to let him go. With all the happiness of Christmas, I can’t stop the tears today. My beloved Banner is gone. He will live on through his daughters here at Rolling Oaks. And for that I am forever grateful because he was so awesome. He had all the characteristics of a true golden. Always happy, wanting to please, calm yet would spunk up for play. Beautiful in every way. He will be missed.

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