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As you can see, Anna had stitches on Tuesday. She was running as fast as she could in gym, and lost her balance, running into a return air went head first! When I was holding her face under the blue sheet as the doctor put the stitches in, I was overwhelmed with love for her, and thankfulness that she wasn’t hurt too badly. As Christmas approaches, we can get caught up in in the hussle and bustle, what to buy for who. Some people battle depression this time of year, as so much is expected of us, and sometimes we just can’t deliver. When Amy was at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital battling cancer, I felt angry at the rest of the world that could be happy and care free at Christmas, yet they complained about the long lines in the store, or the weather. I just wanted Amy to live! As time has passed, I can not forget all the children in the hospital, struggling for life. I don’t want to take one healthy minute for granted! I strive to see the best in my family, and overlook the little things that can get on your nerves. Life is so very fragile. I encourage you today to put aside the whole stereotype of what Christmas is, and go out of your way to express your love. Love is the most powerful force on earth. It changes lives. Love someone today. You won’t regret it!

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