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Hi Barb,

Hope all is well!

I thought you would probably get a chuckle out of this. I would imagine you have heard of this before. I took Bear to the dog park in Plymouth last Saturday with my friend Lisa. We got such a kick out of watching Bear. He would much rather check out the people than the dogs. He went from person to person hoping to get attention. His approach is quite interesting. He walks right up to them and then sits on their feet and leans into them a little. It certainly gets their attention and it is a little difficult for them to get away because of where he is sitting! His people oriented behavior was very noticeable. It was so different than the other dogs! The other dogs were mainly checking out dogs. Bear checked out EVERY person along with a few dogs (usually because the dogs approached him). It was fun to watch Bear. It was also fun to watch the reactions of the people. Lisa suggested it is a dog park for regular dogs but it is a “people park” for Bear.

I think all the work you and your family put into each pup definitely shows. Bear’s behavior is noticeably different than the other dogs. He also gets LOTS of compliments on his good looks! He is also very smart and wants very much to please. He is a GREAT pup at 2 1/2 years old!

Keep up the good work!

Greg and Bear

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