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We are in shock to see the devastation of the 35W bridge. What a horrible tragedy for all the families that have been affected. Our heart goes out to the many people who have been and will be touched by this. It is such a reminder to all of us how fragile life is. We really need to appreciate the life we have, and the good things we all take for granted.

What’s New At Rolling Oaks

We recently had two litters born. Lilly gave birth to 12 puppies (see photo below) and Ivy gave birth to 3! The puppies in Lilly and Ivy’s litter are spoken for. We are expecting a litter born in September and ready in November between Jewel and Captain. Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested in that litter. We also have a few older dogs available at this time. Two males that are two years old , and one 8 year old female. One of the male’s is finished in hunting and obedience training, the other is obedience trained and a very calm companion dog. All older dogs are obedience trained, spay/neutered, and up to date on all shots. Older dogs are placed on a trial basis. When you come out and meet the dog, if it seems like a good fit, you take the dog home for a two week trial. If the dog adapts well to your home, and it is a good match, you keep it. If it does not do well in your home, you return the dog and get your money back. This way I am sure the dog is in a home with a family it will do well with. Please email me if you would like more information.

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