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This is a message I got from a recent client of ours. Jewel and Captain are the parents of their 2 puppies.

Hi Barb,

Just thought I would send you a few pictures of the boys. Simba and Mufasa are doing great and are delightful to have around. Even though they are still young, I can’t imagine not having them!!! They have been so much fun to watch grow and their personalities are awesome. Simba is very independent, but quite the little lover. He is definitely the leader of the “pack” and all the other dogs are ready, willing and able to follow his every move. He would prefer to be outside 24/7. He is the most active and curious of the bunch. Mufasa is happy to be on our lap, nuzzled against anyone who will pet him. He is soft spoken, laid back and calm. It has been fun to have such a diverse difference in personalities. Simba and Mufasa have brought so much life and energy to our 13 yr old black lab, Angus. Angus is much more active and playful and loves his little brothers. Simba and Mufasa love him, too. It is so sweet to witness them loving each other!

I hope that you and the family are well and you are enjoying some Spring weather in Litchfield. We think of all of you often and our short time with you when we picked up the boys. A day that we will never forget. Thanks for the great choices for us. They are just perfect! All of our love!


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