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TASHITashi at one year

Tashi as a puppy


It’s hard to believe it’s fast approaching Tashi’s first birthday, it seems like yesterday when I got your email that Jewel and Captain had their puppies. I’m sending you some pictures that will chronicle her seven months, from the time we were able to visit her at 5 weeks old (when she was just known as hot pink…remember, I knew somehow that she was going to be my puppy) to yesterday so you can see how she has grown up and changed. She was such a beautiful little puppy and now she is growing up to be such a beautiful young dog. If you want to share these images with your potential customers please feel free, it is a nice way to visualize what the little bundle of fur might look like in a few months.

Not only is she just a very beautiful dog on the outside she really has as loving soul. Recently, my dad passed away from cancer which as you can imagine was/is a ..very.. difficult time for me. I have to say, I really believe she knew and understood what was happening through his final days of his illness because she was so loving and attentive to my dad. After my dad’s passing, Tashi must have known how difficult it was for me because she shifted her energy to making sure she was loving and attentive now to me. All the time and effort put in by you and your family with your puppies in the first several weeks of their lives has really helped mold her into a wonderful family member and not just a dog. That plan and diligent hard work coupled with a breeding plan of your dogs produce such a wonderful companion. It is not overlooked that your plan and hard work allowed my dog to become a 50 lb lap puppy and a loving soul helping me cope through this unbearable time.

Again, thank you and your family for all you have done.



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