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I took these photos right before the five puppies left on Saturday. Anna has been a tremendous help to me. With Daniel striving to make it to the state meet in swimming, he has spent a lot of time at the pool, leaving most of the work that he normally does for Anna. She will turn 14 next Tuesday. I can hardly believe my little girl is turning into such a fine young woman. I know that when God knew He was going to give us Amy, he gave us Anna first, as she is the most amazing sister. She can get Amy to do things no one else can! Anna has so much love and compassion for the dogs and puppies, yet she knows how to train and keep a dog in line. It has been a dream come true to have her for my daughter. Sometimes I hold her and breath in the smell of her hair, and wish time could stand still, and she would stay my little Anna. Yet, in my heart, I know she has so much to offer the world, I can’t keep her! She is truly a gift, and one I value. When clients are coming, she is the one to make the cookies to serve…she is usually in the house dusting, vacuuming or doing laundry, while I am out with the clients and puppies. Anna gives the puppies their bath before they leave, and fills all the folders with the correct papers for the new owners. She makes supper so I can be out by the dogs, takes a turn training dogs, and goes out in the coldest weather to let puppies out to potty! She gets Amy ready for bed and reads to her for me…the list could go on and on. I just want to cherish these days I have with her, before she can drive and go off and discover the world for herself. This is such a wonderful, innocent time, and I am drinking in every moment. Happy Birthday my sweet Anna Elaine. My life is blessed because you are in it!

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