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Above is a photo of Sport during a recent hunt in South Dakota. She did a fantastic job. She flushed a lot of birds, retrieved a not of Roosters, and ran down cripples in heavy cover for up to 200 yards before retrieving them to hand. (not bad for a 17 month old pup!)

Sport never ranged more than thirty yards in front of me and would stop on a dime. (Actually one toot of the whistle) She also learned not to chase Jack rabbits after only 2 rabbits.

On Christmas Eve morning three hunters shot three Minnesota Roosters and Sport retrieved all three ring necks despite having two other dogs in the field (This was my Christmas Present!!)
Sport is also a great family dog and very obedient. Lily, our three and one-half year old daughter, feeds Sport every day and Sport obeys all of Lily’s commands.

Thanks again for breeding a wonderful line of Goldens. Let me know if any of your prospective clients need a reference for a GREAT HUNTING DOG. I’d be glad to fill them in on the details. Happy New Years!
Brad from Deerwood, MN

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