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We had my family Christmas party on Saturday. I am the youngest of 8 so when all of us get together, there are 90! We didn’t get home till after midnight. It was so much work, but worth every minute to have all of us together, and catch up on everyone’s life! Daniel brought Maddie’s puppies in the evening, and of course they were a big hit. Keeping a family of our size in touch is not easy, but since my Dad died when I was very young, I have learned the importance of family, and the love a family shares. When you go off to college and meet new friends, as you grow and change, your friends move away and you lose touch…but no matter where your sister moves, you stay in touch, because she will always be your sister. My sisters are some of my best friends. No family is perfect, but looking past the differences and enjoying each person for who they are is what matters.

Maddie’s taking a little break from all the people.

Amy enjoying every minute!

These are my three sisters…all of us are Grandmas!! These are all of our newest grandchildren.

Jack is a great puppy holder! Three at a time!

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