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This is a recent email I received from a client of ours:

Here is Santa Boo!! This is two recent pics of Caboo (oneof the two boys born of Rose and Banner in May 06). He is quite the little man in our household. He is nearly complete with his obedience training. Only three classes to go. The only aspect that he was a little slow on was walking without being distracted by his daddy and other folks watching from the sidelines. He is a little clown and loves people and always wants to play. His mommy is doing real well with him and he is overcoming a lot of his clowning around in class. You would be real proud of him. He is the most gorgeous little boy and performs all his tasks perfectly. I wanted to share with you the fact that you could not have picked a more perfect dog to replace the wonderful soul we lost two years ago. Caboo is a near spitting image of the mannerisms and disposition of our old KC. Although, where KC was much more serious and lovable, Caboo is a little clown and never fails to make us laugh every day, while bringing the same amount of affection KC did to our family. I sincerely was dreading the puppy stage, as I did with the last three goldens. There hasn’t been one issue with Caboo that I have found unpleasant and have absolutely loved every minute of his puppy stages.

You should be very proud of how you run your business and of your wonderful dogs. You are producing a very fine quality dog that has made this family very very happy. Jeanne and I talk about you often and how appreciative we are to have been able to get Caboo from you as we did. We think Caboo is going to look a lot like Tucker as he matures and adds his longer coat on his head and shoulders. Quite a stunning little boy at 6 months and growing everyday. Max (our other golden) is still best friends with Caboo and they constantly run around the back yard each day playing (I finally got a fence this year). I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Caboo brings us lots of joy every day and for the holiday season.
Steve and Jeanne

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