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Many of you ask if we miss the puppies after they are all gone. We kept a puppy from the Loch/Ruby litter and named her Ezra. She is such a sweet puppy and loves playing with Amy. For me personally, I am relieved that all the puppies are in their homes, and being loved and trained by all the great people who took them home! It gives me time to do the things around the farm that don’t get done when we have puppies. Today, Russ and I took a long walk in the woods with Jasmine, one of our dogs, and enjoyed our freedom! When we got back, Amy was playing with Ezra, and wanted an underdog on the swing. As I pushed her and played, I couldn’t help but be thankful for her life. When she had leukemia, Amy was still in the hospital, and had no hair or eye lashes, the doctor had given me a very grave report. I was holding her limp body in my arms and rocking her, and I wanted to give up. I was tired of fighting. Tired of hospitals and tubes and bad reports. My sister Joanie happened to call, and as I explained what the doctor had said, she told me to see Amy healed. To imagine her swinging on the swing, with her hair flowing in the wind. Not in the casket. Don’t see death, see life! I hung up and I made up my mind that Amy was going to live. I started singing happy praise songs and seeing in my mind that she was well. She didn’t get well instantly, but she did get well. One day about a year later I looked out the window, and there was Amy, swinging on the swing, her hair flowing in the wind. I cried tears of joy. Today I had that same feeling…so thankful for life. We all get busy and forget what really matters. It is my hope that our puppies bring joy into the lives of their new owners. That they remind us of that care free innocence only a puppy or child can bring. See life!

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