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Fall is my favorite season! Every year Anna and Amy bury each other in leaves. Although we are all consumed with puppies right now, it’s important to take time to enjoy the free things in life! It isn’t the material things that make us happy. When we finally got a new/used van after having a small car for Russ to drive to work, and a pick-up that you had to wiggle a wire to get it to start, I thought I would be so happy. But after a few months, it was just a van. It’s the people in my life that make me happy. Watching Anna and Amy jumping & laughing in the leaves, without a care in the world, I was reminded of what it’s all about. Drinking in those moments. Not taking life for granted. Amy spent months in the hospital battling Leukemia, and a day does not go by that I don’t thank God for our health, and that we don’t have to think about blood counts! If you are healthy, you are a millionaire! Because you would give all the money in the world to have your health when you are sick! When we take the puppies into a nursing home or day care, the sad people become happy! It is an amazing ministry to watch a little puppy bring so much joy, even for a few minutes. It has been a great week with Ruby’s puppies, and I have to be honest in saying I am looking forward to next week with Jewel’s litter. We will be going to different places, and bringing a little bit of sun shine on these cloudy days!

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