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Daniel took his girlfriends little brother out hunting on Saturday for youth hunting day. They had a wonderful time and Nathan shot his first duck!


Following are reports from clients who hunt with their dogs:

We are so happy with our 15 month-old female Golden named Sport. She
has been an excellent hunter and has found 20 out of 20 chuckars in field training. When we knock them down, she retrieves them to ‘hand.’ We especially appreciate how you personally selected this particular puppy for us based on our family profile and hobbies (we have smaller children so needed a great family dog first, as well as a bird dog for my husband’s interest in hunting sports.) Thank you again and please let us know we’d be happy to recommend your puppies to anyone.

With Sentiments of Esteem, Brad and Sue

Lori and I just wanted to drop you a line to say that Nellie is wonderful and what ever you guys do there at Rolling Oaks keep it up. We have had Lori’s 10 month old Nephew at our house the last week and Nellie is amazing with him even at such a young age and no experience with small children at all. I also have to say that she was born to bird hunt, I have been playing with her on real pheasant wings and pigeon as well and she is so crazy for birds I can’t even explain. Anyway I had started gun training a few weeks ago with the cap gun, starter pistol, any other loud noises while she is eating, playing with bird wings etc.. Well I was very happy because she has never even given any of it a second thought, no cowering or any thing. So I got a bit bold for a almost 15 week old puppy but she went on her first Pheasant Hunt last weekend. I started off on the training field and got her really birdie on live pigeons with no gun shots. Then my neighbor and I who has a yellow lab took the two into the hunting fields. Well lets just say our jaws (along with the guide that was with us) jaws hut the ground. Once the experienced lab got her and us on the birds, it was awesome to see her natural instinct. She actually put up two birds on her own, and was so excited she did not even flinch at the sound of two 12 gauges going off. Just thought I would share my story and joy and thanks for a wonderful dog. Take care and thanks again Peter and Lori

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