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Hi Barb!

I took this picture of Cameron the other night, and thought I’d send you a copy. He is doing well here. We are so happy with him – he is the most wonderful dog. He looks a little shaggy, but he is on his way to the groomer as I’m typing this. I’m told that he’s their favorite golden. I believe it, too. Everyone goes nuts when he is at the vet’s office. He gets more treats while he’s there than he does here at home.

Maddie and Ben absolutely love him. Maddie is 2 ½ now and has chosen to call him “pear” instead of Cameron. The funny thing is that he answers to it. It is so cute. She will give him commands like, “up, move, or come” and he obeys. What a good dog! He even lets her give him check-ups with her doctor kit. Ben just turned a year old on the 18th. Ben thinks Cameron is the funniest thing he has ever seen. It is almost a guarantee that Cameron will get Ben laughing at least once a day. Cameron lets Ben give him love pats, and climb on him. He wags his tail the whole time. Another cute Cameron story, is that he loves our play system from Crown of Minnesota. It has a ramp up to the slide and two forts on top. He runs up the ramp and looks out over his kingdom from one fort or the other. Then when he sees we are about to go down the slide, he tears down the ramp, runs to the slide, and puts his front paws up on the side of the slide almost like he is encouraging the kids “come on, you can do it.” We have to get a picture of that. If so, I’ll send you one.

I hope all is well with you and your family. I check out your website from time to time, just to see if there is anything new on it. I wanted to give you an update on Cameron, and let you know how happy we are that we have him in our lives. You do such a wonderful job with your dogs!

Take Care,
Sara Fults

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