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Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Charley. She is
the most loveable, well-adjusted dog I have ever seen. Charley has
lived with us for five weeks now and each night she bounds into her
kennel and settles in for the night, not to awake until 6am or later.
She has NEVER had an accident in her kennel and has only had one in the house within the past 3 1/2 weeks (which was our fault!).

Her and Izzy have quickly become the best of friends. They chase each other around the house and have created their own little race track in the backyard. The cutest thing is that once they get tired they tend to snuggle up with each other and take naps. (See picture below) I have never seen Charley so excited as she was on Monday morning when itsnowed 6 inches. She ran around in circles and dove head first into the snow, Superman Style.

Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family.

Jason, Stephanie, Izzy, and Charley

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