2016 July 24
by Barb

IMG_5118 IMG_4368 IMG_5050Hi Barb,

Just want to let you know how much we are enjoying Scout. (Honey/Jackson)

She is very gentle, playful and smart.  She loves people and other dogs.

Leash walking is coming along – but, of course, Scout prefers to run free!

She swims well but is very cautious around the water.  We tried canoeing but nearly capsized because she was so nervous pacing around the boat.

Usually, she is so naturally calm and content that it’s hard to believe she’s a 5 month old puppy.

We think she’s looking more and more like her mom, Honey.

Hope your summer is off to a good start.


Liz, Dan and James



2016 July 21
by Barb

Hi Barb,


IMG_1483IMG_1462IMG_1505I hope you are enjoying the summer! Today would be a great day to be out in the pool. 🙂

Everything is going well with Cooper (Hazel/Champ 2016) and me! He got his second round of shots last week and weighed in at 15 pounds at 10 weeks old. He’s growing like a weed and I love it!

Last weekend I went to the north shore with one of my friends and Cooper. He loved the fresh air, the big lake, and all the attention he got at the state parks! He did great on the trails off-leash, staying right by my side. He also liked riding in my backpack when he got tired!

Thank you for the great puppy! I can see more and more that he is the perfect fit for me. 🙂

Tony and Cooper


2016 July 18
by Barb

Finnegan  (Champ & Hazel ) loves to carry his favorite bone everywhere.



2016 July 15
by Barb




Hi Barb-

I had to share these pictures of our boy Wally (March 2015 – Champ/Hazel).  He was chosen as Dog of the Month at daycare and won a photo shoot. He is a retriever to the core and loves fetching – the photo with a tennis ball in his mouth is what he usually looks like at home!  We get compliments on him wherever we go – he is so sweet and loves to play.  Thank you for picking out such a wonderful addition to our family.

Melissa and Ryan

Archie & Berthe

2016 July 12
by Barb


IMG_2508 (1)



Just a couple of great pix.

When I tell Archie we are going to take a nap, he grabs his baby and cuddles up with it.

Berthe sees it as a photo op.

They are looking good.



2016 July 11
by Barb

Just wanted to let everyone know that  the farm was not hit by the tornado that went thru Litchfield. All Rolling Oaks Goldens are safe.  We are vacationing in Montana but have heard that everyone is okay. Our hearts go out to the people who lost their homes and had damage to their property.  We are very thankful that no one was hurt.  Thank you so much for thinking of us and praying for our safety!

Rusty 2nd birthday

2016 July 6
by Barb
IMG_4834 IMG_5250

Hi Barb!
A quick hello from the Naylors and proud owners of Rusty (Zoey/Champ). He is 2 years old today and we just wanted to tell you how appreciative we are of all the work you and your family does to raise the best dogs of all time.

Thank you!!

Anna, Ryan and Rusty


2016 July 3
by Barb
IMG_3383 IMG_3386
IMG_3404 IMG_3398

Hi Barb,

I realized we hadn’t sent you any photos of Solly. Solly is doing really
well. He’s a local celebrity in our neighborhood and just loves meeting new
people (and dogs!). He also loves car rides and going out to patios with us.
We took him swimming and day camping last weekend and he loved both. Solly
is the perfect combination of sweet, playful and funny, and we couldn’t have
asked for a better puppy! Thank you (and Champ and Ruthie!) for giving us
such a wonderful dog. He brings us so much joy.

Hope all is well.

Amy and Josh


2016 June 11
by Barb

FB_IMG_1458389679745 20160221_172958 20160306_070128-1

Barb….we love our Emmie! (Cabela/Champ) Once again you picked the perfect golden puppy!  She is calm and loving and spunks up just like you said she would.  We started puppy kindergarten last week and she is one of the calmest ones in class.  Thank you so much for all the socialization you did..we have continued taking her as many places as possible.


Rolling Oaks Therapy Dog: Chester

2016 June 8
by Barb

image1Hi Barb-
Loving our dog Chester (Champ/Hazel March 2014) and now more people can love him too. Chester, Allen and I passed therapy dog testing today. Thanks for this beautiful addition to our family. Jen