It’s a Winter Wonderland today!

2014 April 16
by Barb

mom with puppies

Wedding Blues

2014 March 27
by Barb

PROM 022-1Anna is getting married this Saturday. I have to say, I have had the wedding blues. Looking at all the photos and videos of her growing up to make the wedding video was very emotional for me. She is our fourth child getting married, so you would think I would be better at this “letting go” business, but I am not. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy Anna is getting married, and her fiancé is a dream come true. They are so in love and I believe they are perfect for each other. I know Britton is going to be the husband Anna needs and wants, and will take care of her and cherish her as his wife. It’s just that….she is my Anna. She is my right hand man. She is one of my best friends. She has always been a blessing to me. And now, she is grown up and I have to let her be Britton’s. And that is good. I want her to be happy, and she would never be happy living here and just being our daughter. She was meant to be a wife!! So, in all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, I am holding puppies and taking care of dogs, crying and laughing! If you have sent in a puppy application in the last two weeks, please understand why I have not called you for a phone interview. We are busy with three new litters and the wedding. March is also 3 of our grand children’s birthdays! Life is full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am truly blessed.

Hazel’s Puppies are here

2014 March 13
by Barb
Hazel March Litter 002  2014-03-09 12.39.23
 2014-03-09 12.39.07  2014-03-09 12.40.22

Hazel had 10 puppies on March 1! There are 6 males, 4 females. Champ is the father to this litter! Mom & puppies are doing great. These puppies are spoken for. If you have a deposit down for a puppy and have not been contacted, there were not enough puppies in this litter. When there is a puppy available, I will email you to see if the timing is right. We will have a very busy spring with more puppies coming!


2014 February 27
by Barb

image001image002image003Hi Barb – Just wanted to share a few pictures of our beautiful dog, Kenai (Emmy/Champ) She has grown into a really nice family member. Pam and I moved up to the North Shore this past fall (about 10 miles north of Duluth). Kenai has a huge fenced in back yard, but more importantly to her she has Lake Superior. She loves to swim. The picture of her in the water was taken on Feb 4 when it was only 5 degrees out. I couldn’t believe she jumped in and then continued to play for several minutes. Once she came out she rolled in the snow and never showed any signs of being cold! She is a great running partner for me since she turned one – and is routinely running 3-4 miles at time. She is very petite, weighing only 49-50 pounds, which is fine with us. She receives innumerable comments about how beautiful she is. We couldn’t be happier with her temperament – she plays hard when we’re outside, but is extremely well behaved and gentle in the house. She still makes us laugh daily. Hope that all is well with you and your family.

Bertha is 6

2014 February 27
by Barb
IMG_1359 IMG_1345
IMG_1370 IMG_1366

Well, our Miss Berthe turned six yesterday. Bravo, Emmy and Captain, for making such a gorgeous girl. I meant to take pictures only of her but Archie (Hazel/Champ) just couldn’t help himself and just had to be the center of attention. Look how he’s grown! I’m sure you can tell who is who, though. I’m off to class with Archie now — his second step of obedience classes. In the meantime, Berthe simply sighs. Here they are for your enjoyment. — The solo shot is Archie, and I couldn’t resist sending you the boys in my house taking their afternoon nap. They are both gorgeous. Best, Diana & Chuck


2014 February 25
by Barb


photo(34)Hello Barb, Hogan is doing extremely well. In addition to receiving his final series of puppy shots on Monday, his overall health is excellent! His heart murmur is now completely dissolved, as you predicted that it would! Hogan began puppy obedient training last night, which is always a fun interaction with a variety of puppies! His favorite trick is to fetch the newspaper every morning and carry it to the backyard where we are still working on the handoff:) Thank you once again for raising the best Goldens on planet earth! Cheers! -Scott

Molly turns 12

2014 February 25
by Barb
molly 1 Molly 2 abby_&_molly
molly 3 molly 5
molly 4 molly 7
molly 8 molly 9

Barb, Our great Molly, who is a Rolling Oaks Golden turns 12 today, my husband put together these fun pictures together. Molly is still very active and is a joy to have in our family. The last picture was taken of Molly and Bella overlooking Lake Superior after New Years. Hope you and your family are well.
-Jennifer M.


2014 February 25
by Barb
Koya 1 koya 2


We had about 4-5″ of snow overnight, and Koya always has so much fun bouncing thru the snow, checking out any fresh tracks made by those elusive bunny rabbits. I just wanted to send a photo taken this morning of a very happy girl.

Hi Barb, I just wanted to share a couple recent photos of Koya (Hazel/Finny) who is almost 1.5 years now. I swear she is the happiest dog in the world. She motivates me to get out of bed and take her for a walk in the morning, no matter the weather, as she is always super excited to check-up on all the familiar smells. And she can’t stop smiling when she’s at a dog park, as everyone must be there just to see her. She still has a lot of puppy in her, and goes nuts when she hears her favorite words “bunny rabbit”. I don’t think it’s possible for her to be happier. Thanks for such a healthy and happy pup.


2014 February 18
by Barb

6 years ago Jandro met his best friend! Clifford is Jandro’s Joy. Jandro was hospitalized for 40 days and all he wanted was to go home and see his dog.



2014 February 18
by Barb

Blaze Schoenherr (Jasmine and Griffin)Hello Barb, It is almost unbelievable that is was three years ago that we made the seven hour trip to pick up our puppy! Blaze (Jasmine/Griffin) is doing great! We are in advanced Senior Handling classes and have completed a level one agility class. All this work prepared us to take the Therapy Dogs Inc. tests over October and November last year. Now it is official! Blaze and I are a registered dog therapy team! My family loves our sweet “boy”! I’m so happy to finally get to tell you our good news!
Norfolk, NE