2016 June 11
by Barb

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Barb….we love our Emmie! (Cabela/Champ) Once again you picked the perfect golden puppy!  She is calm and loving and spunks up just like you said she would.  We started puppy kindergarten last week and she is one of the calmest ones in class.  Thank you so much for all the socialization you did..we have continued taking her as many places as possible.


Rolling Oaks Therapy Dog: Chester

2016 June 8
by Barb

image1Hi Barb-
Loving our dog Chester (Champ/Hazel March 2014) and now more people can love him too. Chester, Allen and I passed therapy dog testing today. Thanks for this beautiful addition to our family. Jen

Rusty turns 2

2016 June 6
by Barb
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Rusty (Zoey/Jackson) is turning 2 in April and we are still so in love! He has truly enriched our lives and we recommend Rolling Oaks every chance we get!

Thank you,  Anna


2016 June 5
by Barb

image001Hello Barb!  I keep seeing all the wonderful photos of your past litters and just had to share a picture of our 7 month old Charlie, a Madison/Champ puppy.  He is everything we asked for: spirited, funny, lovable and oh so smart.  He chases the ducks around the golf course and he loves running through the sand traps! We are learning to heel, which is a challenge, as the world is such an interesting place and distractions abound.  Charlie is 60 pounds and counting!  He eagerly takes his NutraVet supplement every morning.  We are waiting until he is one year old to neuter.  Thank you for making such a great choice to add to our family.




2016 June 4
by Barb

IMG_0349 IMG_2280We are so in love with her, as is Duke!  She follows him everywhere!  Waits
for him and whines until he comes back from his morning walk!  Amazing!
Barb, you are the best!  I admire you more than you can imagine for the
things you do.
Thank you, Russ and your entire family for making us a family.
Much love and respect
Susan and Jim


2016 June 3
by Barb

When you introduce your puppy to the water for the first time we recommend you allow him to splash around on shore and get comfortable. Then take him out in the water to about your waist and support his head and lift the tail to make him buoyant and let go so he can swim to shore. Let him splash a bit around shore and take him out again. These good experiences with water should make him a lifelong swimmer! The puppy in this photo is Cooper, a 2 month old Hazel/Champ puppy.

IMG_1155 IMG_1201

Amy’s 21st Birthday! Plus puppy and tick updates

2016 April 8
by Barb
IMG_1950 IMG_1919

We just celebrated Amy’s birthday. It has been a tough year battling Lyme
disease. Thankfully Amy’s health has dramatically improved. She was on IV
antibiotics and hydration for 6 1/2 months. She was affected neurologically.
There were so many times when I wondered if I would ever see the “real Amy”
again. I am happy to say, she is back!! She is holding puppies and back to
her usual self. What a long year it was. It is heart wrenching to watch your
child suffer. We are rejoicing today that Amy is doing so well. We continue
to fight Lyme disease and strive to learn more about how to help Amy stay
healthy. I have become so much more aware of ticks and tick season. I used a
product last year called Bravecto. It is an oral medication given once every
3 months. I recommend you start your dog on it now as one of our clients
reported finding a tick on their puppy already. Don’t forget to treat for
heart worm as well.

I also wanted to post an update on our puppy availability. Unfortunately we
did not have as many puppies born this spring as I had planned. It is a very
difficult part of my job, relying on mother nature. I never know how many
puppies I will have, how many males/females. I do all I know to do and the
rest is out of my hands. This requires a tremendous amount of patience and
understanding on the part of my clients. I know how hard it is to wait for
something you want so badly. As of right now we should have puppies born in
the July/August/September time frame and ready for their new homes
September/October/November. Enjoy this Minnesota spring but be aware of
those nasty ticks!


2016 April 6
by Barb

IMG_1862HI Barb,
Hope you and your family are doing well.  This is our little Charlie 9 1/2
months,  from Champ and Lola litter. He is such a good boy, we can’t say
enough good things about him!

Karla & Dave


2016 April 5
by Barb
Caesar is a Captain/Maddie pup.

Caesar is a Captain/Maddie pup.



2016 April 4
by Barb


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Mrs. Felt:

Tucker (Copper/Jackson) is doing well. He weighs 72lbs. He is a good dog and
at his age, he is a diamond in the rough.

He is dearly loved!


Philip & Katharina