Amy’s 21st Birthday! Plus puppy and tick updates

2016 April 8
by Barb
IMG_1950 IMG_1919

We just celebrated Amy’s birthday. It has been a tough year battling Lyme
disease. Thankfully Amy’s health has dramatically improved. She was on IV
antibiotics and hydration for 6 1/2 months. She was affected neurologically.
There were so many times when I wondered if I would ever see the “real Amy”
again. I am happy to say, she is back!! She is holding puppies and back to
her usual self. What a long year it was. It is heart wrenching to watch your
child suffer. We are rejoicing today that Amy is doing so well. We continue
to fight Lyme disease and strive to learn more about how to help Amy stay
healthy. I have become so much more aware of ticks and tick season. I used a
product last year called Bravecto. It is an oral medication given once every
3 months. I recommend you start your dog on it now as one of our clients
reported finding a tick on their puppy already. Don’t forget to treat for
heart worm as well.

I also wanted to post an update on our puppy availability. Unfortunately we
did not have as many puppies born this spring as I had planned. It is a very
difficult part of my job, relying on mother nature. I never know how many
puppies I will have, how many males/females. I do all I know to do and the
rest is out of my hands. This requires a tremendous amount of patience and
understanding on the part of my clients. I know how hard it is to wait for
something you want so badly. As of right now we should have puppies born in
the July/August/September time frame and ready for their new homes
September/October/November. Enjoy this Minnesota spring but be aware of
those nasty ticks!


2016 April 6
by Barb

IMG_1862HI Barb,
Hope you and your family are doing well.  This is our little Charlie 9 1/2
months,  from Champ and Lola litter. He is such a good boy, we can’t say
enough good things about him!

Karla & Dave


2016 April 5
by Barb
Caesar is a Captain/Maddie pup.

Caesar is a Captain/Maddie pup.



2016 April 4
by Barb


FullSizeRender (1) IMG_2950

Mrs. Felt:

Tucker (Copper/Jackson) is doing well. He weighs 72lbs. He is a good dog and
at his age, he is a diamond in the rough.

He is dearly loved!


Philip & Katharina


2016 April 2
by Barb

IMG_0416Hi Barb,

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Maddie with you (8 years old – Captain/Zena litter). As you can see, she loves the pool. I still remember the puppy photo you shared with us from her litter learning how to swim with their mother. Thank you for everything you do – our dog is so special to us.


2016 March 31
by Barb

FullSizeRenderHi Barb,
We have been so busy enjoying our wonderful boy, Riley (Milly/Jackson) that
we thought it was about time we share with you the joy he has brought to our
lives! Your hard work and tender loving care preparing him to come home with
us made such an easy transition for all of us.  He has slept through the
night since day one!  He is not only gorgeous, as you can see, but also a
mellow, happy dog.  We receive daily compliments on his exceptional good
looks.  More than once folks have asked if he is on commercials!  Riley
absolutely loves children and our neighbors’ two kids are his playmates!  He
cries at the open window if he hears them outdoors.  Your son, Daniel, has
been very helpful with our training questions.  He is very supportive and
patient with us.  It seems we need training more than Riley! :)  Thank you
for providing so many families with such wonderful pets!
Carol and Bob

IMG_0482 IMG_0481

Hi Barb,

Riley has grown so much.   At last vet visit he weighed in at 73 lbs.  He has boarded with Daniel a few times in the last 6 months and just loves playing with Madison.We continue to work on our training and commands.  He is a smart and eager boy.  Bob and I are the ones being trained. :) Here is a more recent photo. Carol and Bobimage001

Saying goodbye to Dandi

2016 March 31
by Barb


IMG_2512 Dandi portrait in fabric 1
IMG_3105 IMG_1940

Dear Barb,

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our precious Dandi on January 25th. Dandi was the sweetest, most wonderful

loving dog anyone could ever wish for. We are forever grateful to you for our sweetie pie, she was so special!

She would have been 15 on March 15th….and she was healthy as could be her entire life!


Her father was GloryBee Treasured Halo and her Mother was Heidi Queen Of Rolling Oaks, she was born on 3-15-2001.

Dandi was your little Anna’s love and you so graciously let her be a member of our family when you discovered an issue breeding her due to a cataract.


I wanted to let you know how special she was and how long she lived, healthy and happy up until her last few days. She lost weight quickly,

10 pounds in 4 weeks, she was still doing fine, eating, going on walks, loving being loved but she had a seizure on Saturday night, surprisingly rallied full of energy Sunday and then Monday wouldn’t eat or drink and then poor little girl couldn’t hold herself up so we let her go before she would suffer.

I know she is chasing bunnies and butterflies and our hearts will always be full of wonderful memories

Thank you for giving us sweet Dandi….she was the best!!


I have attached a few pictures for you.



Patty and Rich


2016 March 25
by Barb

IMG_2239Hi Barb,

Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Just wanted to give you an update on Levi (Emmy/Champ). I’ve attached a picture of him taken in November, we did a professional photo shoot with both the dogs and this is our favorite one of Levi.  As I type this, he’s trying to climb into my lap and kissing my nose!

We just LOVE this dog!  He is such a character, such a funny, goofy, and very talky guy.  He’s been through obedience and could definitely use more of it.  He’s probably smarter than we give him credit for, but he acts like such a goofball it is hard to know.  We haven’t neutered him yet, we are waiting until he is 18 months old, and honestly, he doesn’t even lift his leg at this point.  Managing an intact dog has not been any big deal, at all.  He’s just terrific.

He is just a wonderful dog, we are just crazy about him, and everywhere we take him people remark on how beautiful he is, and how mellow for such a young dog.  He is just wonderful!




2016 March 25
by Barb
Ace 6 Ace11
Ace 4 Ace 5

Hello Barb,  We just wanted to give another update on our Ace man (Zoey/Champ 10-9-15)! :-) Ace went to his third vet check last week and remains a very healthy puppy weighing at 27.5 lbs! The vet continues to be impressed with his beauty and demeanor. Ace also continues to impress us as well! His ability to learn and listen astonishes us daily! He currently knows how to sit, stay, come, fetch, shake, high five,lay down, and sits by the door or gets our attention when he has to go to the bathroom. He is working on mastering heel but is very close!

He has also enjoyed going on runs with us too. We are slowly adding distance to our runs with him. Patrick and I have noticed the hunting intuition in him as well. We live right next to a field and he enjoys trying to find little critters that are burrowed underneath the brush and favors the bird toys to play with. Needless to say, Patrick is excited to teach him how to hunt. He loves to nap by the door,underneath someones feet, and of course next to someone who is giving him rubs :-). Our neighborhood has a lot of dogs for Ace to socialize with and enjoys romping in the snow and playing with them. His best friend in the neighborhood is our next door neighbors Westie. The Westie will sit outside our front door and bark waiting for Ace to come out and play :-). Ace also adores children as well as they adore him. We are excited about that because we want to have kids in the future.  Attached are some pictures of Ace. I hope 2016 is treating you all well! Best Wishes, Amber, Patrick, and Ace


2016 March 21
by Barb
IMG_1071 IMG_1054

Hi Barb, I hope all is well with you and your family. Finally taking a minute for a quick update on our little girl, Dakota, from the October 9th liter  (Zoey/Champ).  Her personality really fits our family well.  She is calm and cuddly, but has her time of play, especially around our grandchildren. Anywhere we have taken her she becomes the center of attention!  When it’s not too cold, she really enjoys going with Dave on his hikes. We heard a bit of whining (about 2 minutes worth) the first night in her kennel, but that’s it. She knows sit, shake and down, and is doing well on stay and come. You selected a great match for us and we couldn’t be happier!  Thank you for all that you do prior to puppies going to their home….it really shows. Luann & Dave