Olivia Barbara

2016 February 5
by Barb
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This is my sweet little granddaughter, Olivia Barbara! She helped put some crates together! We train em in young! LOL


Helping with the puppies

2016 February 5
by Barb
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Our daughter Kelly came yesterday with two of her sister in laws and nieces to help out. Abby (in first photo) is spending the week with me to help with the puppies.

My Man

2016 January 31
by Barb


Most people don’t realize how much help I need to make everything happen at Rolling Oaks. Russ is so great at seeing what needs to get done & making it happen. It wouldn’t be fun without him! I am one lucky woman


2016 January 28
by Barb

IMG_0110Hi Barb,

I decorated the basement over the weekend and included my favorite ornament, Maddie (7 1/2 years old from Captain/Zena litter).

Congratulations to you on your new granddaughter.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.



2016 January 28
by Barb
IMG_0023 064

Hi Barb,

Just thought I’d share a photo of Benson taken on his Bday. He became part of our family almost a year ago (Labor Day). He’s been so fun to have around!

Hope all is well with your family.

Take care,



2016 January 28
by Barb

Hi Barb-


I’m sorry we haven’t checked in for so long!  Hilde (Ivy and Captain) is doing great.  She passed her therapy dog test last winter and we have been volunteering at a junior high.  We are working in a class with kids who have emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Hilde has brought out some amazing changes in these kids.  I was so surprised at how well she did and how much the kids responsed to her.


imageShe is 6 years old now.  She is still full of energy and ready for anything.  She has spent the summer hiking, swimming and getting nice and scruffy.  She has to stay pretty well groomed to go to “work” but in the summer we figure almost anything goes.

I have attached a picture of her after a swim.

Hope your summer was great!

Ray and Amy

Lewey’s Training

2016 January 28
by Barb

Lewey 2
Lewey 1

Hi Barb:
I thought I would send you an update on Lewey (Copper/Jackson) – who is 5 months old today!  As you can see, he is a very handsome boy and I receive compliments on him constantly.  He is so strong, healthy, fun, intelligent – and already 46 lbs!!  Lewey enjoys coming to work with me every day, where he has mastered his job duty skills in napping.  He is very mellow and laid back, kind with anyone or animal he encounters.  We had Daniel stop over for one training session with Lewey and since, he has not needed any other formal training (thank you Daniel).  He has brought much joy into my home, thank you for providing me with such a wonderful and gorgeous puppy.

Hope all is well.

Until the next update……


Izzi Training

2016 January 28
by Barb
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Izzi (Hazel/Champ) is 6 months! I don’t know how we ever lived without her.
Just a few new pics to show you how beautiful she is.  As you can see she’s
very good at guarding the house. I think she just expects everyone walking
by to come and play with her ! She loves it outside – even when it’s so

We had Daniel out for the second time last weekend. He’s such a nice young
man and a great teacher. He took the time to demonstrate and then watched
Tom and I repeat the activity with Izzi -giving corrections and offering
tips. We wanted to be able to walk Izzi without having her pull in all
directions. She would get distracted by everything and everybody! We also
had problems with her jumping on people, coming when called, and getting her
to let go of whatever she retrieved.
Daniel had everything corrected in a matter of minutes! It was amazing!
He brought the special collar for us and Izzi responded so well to it.  Tom
walked her the next morning with her new collar and he said she was perfect.

She stays on our left side and sits when we stop. In addition to walking
with Izzi, Daniel showed us how to use the leash and collar to work on stay,
down and come. He encouraged us to work with her every day. Izzi is such a
wonderful dog and we want her to be well behaved too. She charms everyone
she meets!
We had her in puppy class for six weeks, but we learned more from Daniel in
an hour. I was grateful he was able to come to our house in the middle of
I won’t hesitate to call Daniel again when we’re ready for more training.
It’s a great experience. I’m going to start calling him the dog whisperer!!
I hope everything is well with your family.
Thank you again for Izzi – we love her so much!
Tom & Patti


2016 January 28
by Barb

Greta Frisbee TennisHi Barb and Russ,

I hope you and your family are well during this cold winter.  Greta (Captain and Maddie) and I get outside for a daily walk in the woods, but our time is shortened with the cold temps.  Here is a little reminder that green will eventually return with a picture from last spring of Greta’s Frisbee playtime.  She is a fun loving dog with a passion for toys, kids, and hunting. Thank you for a great companion. Greta makes me laugh many times each day.  She loves everyone. I am so grateful to you for your devotion to socializing the pups.

Again, thank you.


Gibbs (Lola/Champ pup)

2016 January 28
by Barb