2014 December 8
by Barb
DSC02733 IMG_2474
DSC03059 IMG_2522

Barb and Daniel,

We just wanted to report back on the eve of Happy’s Birthday how much we
adore her.  She gave us a run for our money for a while there (a spirited
pup), but a week with Daniel and doubling down on intentional training at
home has gotten us past that stage.  We are actually having a little
birthday party with her closest friends after the bus delivers the kids home
tomorrow…  She is such a social dog that plays well with others.  Everyone
comments she is well suited to her name!  Here’s a few pics from the year:
Happy is a Nali/Champ puppy.


2014 December 8
by Barb

Here are our two boys; Blake (11.5) and Sawyer (2.5)-

DSC05072Sawyer continues to be the best dog we’ve ever had and would ever hope to  have!!

He’s beautiful, loving, caring and a fantastic pal for an only child like Blake!!  Just checking

in to let you know that all is perfect in our world with Sawyer!!  We just can’t thank you

enough for picking the perfect puppy for US out of his litter (Finny/Hazel 2012).

Best dog on Earth…hands down—(guess I’ll have some folks fighting me on that one J)

Doug, Steph, Blake and Sawyer


2014 December 8
by Barb

IMAG0105_1_2(1)Hello Barb,

Sooo Rudy (Cabela/Jackson) is officially 1 and almost a year that he has been a part of our family!:) We love him more every day even when he is up to mischief:))  We still miss our Ripley:(( but Rudy has stolen our hearts too!!  Thank You for Another Loving and Beautiful  Rolling Oaks Golden!!

Kim, JT, Lucas & Nick


2014 November 21
by Barb


DSC_5655 (1024x678) DSC_5642 (1024x678)

Hi Barb!  Quincy (Hazel/Champ) is fabulous!!!  Retirement is also fabulous!  I get to be home LOTS, which is my favorite thing.  There’s no place like home.  Quincy probably gets sick of me.

He is THE SWEETEST dog.  So cuddly and loveable.  We asked for a mellow one and we sure got it!  He’s been just perfect Barb!  Thanks so much for the wonderful breeding. I’m attaching some more recent photos; just took them today. Hope all is well with you and yours!



2014 November 21
by Barb

DSC_2354Good Morning Barb,

I wanted to send you a recent shot of our beautiful boy Cooper (Champ/Hazel). He is such a joy in our life.  Jay and I both comment how much we truly love him. He is 16 mos. now and has fallen in love with our 10 acre hobby farm even picking his own cucumbers and zucchini throughout the summer;)

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and the entire Rolling Oaks team.

Jay and Kristin

Emma’s Birthday Party

2014 November 21
by Barb
IMG_1391 IMG_1405
IMG_0181 IMG_0670

Hi Barb,  Just thought you might enjoy some pictures we took last night at
our birthday party!  Emma  (Ezra/Finny) received a new Nyla bone among other
things and got to have an ice cream treat!  Her nose didn’t lift from the
bowl until every last bit of ice cream was licked clean.  And then of course
much wagging of her tail and plenty of kissing/licking her family!
I’m sure you hear this all the time, but we all are so thankful for
you for caring for Emma and her Mom and siblings.  She is so loved and she
returns that love over and over again.  She is such a joy and the most loyal
companion…what a blessing she is.  Congratulations on your new addition to
the family and we all wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and a
Merry Christmas!  Emma misses her playmate Madison…some day we had talked
about stopping at Daniel’s and having them say hi to each other!!!    Mark,
Ilene, Andrew, and Daniel  p.s. thought I would tack a photo
we took on the north shore this last summer on our family vacation.

Another Baby at Rolling Oaks!

2014 November 17
by Barb

IMG952163So happy to announce the birth of our granddaughter Aria Lynn Felt. She was
born November 15 at 10:25 p.m. Mom, Dad and baby are doing well. We had a
chance to meet sweet little Aria while our helper Karly came out and took
care of the puppies. We are very thankful for another healthy grandchild.
Our grandkids are a big part of our lives and help us tremendously with our
puppies. They have been home the last few weekends so I will post some
photos of the pups with all our little helpers. It won’t be long and Aria
will be in on the action!

Barb Felt


2014 November 13
by Barb

IMAG0105_1_2Hello Barb,
Sooo Rudy (Cabela/Jackson) is officially 1 and almost a year that he has been a part of our family!:) We love him more every day even when he is up to mischief:))  We still miss our Ripley:(( but Rudy has stolen our hearts too!!

Thank You for Another Loving and Beautiful  Rolling Oaks Golden!!

Kim, JT, Lucas & Nick

Madison on Halloween

2014 November 6
by Barb

DSC_0778This is Madison, our son Daniel’s dog (Cabela/Jackson) on Halloween. The last few weeks have been so exciting on the farm. We have several litters so I am enjoying lots of puppy time! This is such a beautiful time of the year. Although it is busy getting the farm ready for winter, Russ and I take time to walk in the woods and just enjoy the season change. October is his favorite month so he takes vacation time to cut wood and bow hunt. Most of our kids are coming home the next two weekends for deer hunting. It is a family tradition. I really enjoy all the stories of what everyone experienced in the woods. It is a bonus to have the grandkids home to help hold puppies!


I know Christmas is coming and we tend to rush from Halloween right into Christmas, but Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays we have in America. Even though there is so much grumbling and complaining about politics, we live in an amazing country with a lot of really good people. With all the hanging of holiday lights and putting up the tree, I don’t want to lose sight of Thanksgiving, and being grateful for all that I have. When life is going well I tend to take the little things for granted. I don’t want to do that. I want to live in the moment and drink in all the goodness of each day!


I will be posting photos & videos of the new puppies and my sweet grandchildren. Hope you enjoy them and can see some of the things in your life to be thankful for. We are blessed.


2014 October 24
by Barb

FullSizeRenderJosie (Cabela & Ryan) is such a fun loving dog. She is always game to let
the girls dress her up and simply enjoys hanging out with family and
friends. She makes us laugh, gives the best cuddles, and loves us all
unconditionally. Thanks for picking the best dog for our family. We adore