Another Baby at Rolling Oaks!

2014 November 17
by Barb

IMG952163So happy to announce the birth of our granddaughter Aria Lynn Felt. She was
born November 15 at 10:25 p.m. Mom, Dad and baby are doing well. We had a
chance to meet sweet little Aria while our helper Karly came out and took
care of the puppies. We are very thankful for another healthy grandchild.
Our grandkids are a big part of our lives and help us tremendously with our
puppies. They have been home the last few weekends so I will post some
photos of the pups with all our little helpers. It won’t be long and Aria
will be in on the action!

Barb Felt


2014 November 13
by Barb

IMAG0105_1_2Hello Barb,
Sooo Rudy (Cabela/Jackson) is officially 1 and almost a year that he has been a part of our family!:) We love him more every day even when he is up to mischief:))  We still miss our Ripley:(( but Rudy has stolen our hearts too!!

Thank You for Another Loving and Beautiful  Rolling Oaks Golden!!

Kim, JT, Lucas & Nick

Madison on Halloween

2014 November 6
by Barb

DSC_0778This is Madison, our son Daniel’s dog (Cabela/Jackson) on Halloween. The last few weeks have been so exciting on the farm. We have several litters so I am enjoying lots of puppy time! This is such a beautiful time of the year. Although it is busy getting the farm ready for winter, Russ and I take time to walk in the woods and just enjoy the season change. October is his favorite month so he takes vacation time to cut wood and bow hunt. Most of our kids are coming home the next two weekends for deer hunting. It is a family tradition. I really enjoy all the stories of what everyone experienced in the woods. It is a bonus to have the grandkids home to help hold puppies!


I know Christmas is coming and we tend to rush from Halloween right into Christmas, but Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays we have in America. Even though there is so much grumbling and complaining about politics, we live in an amazing country with a lot of really good people. With all the hanging of holiday lights and putting up the tree, I don’t want to lose sight of Thanksgiving, and being grateful for all that I have. When life is going well I tend to take the little things for granted. I don’t want to do that. I want to live in the moment and drink in all the goodness of each day!


I will be posting photos & videos of the new puppies and my sweet grandchildren. Hope you enjoy them and can see some of the things in your life to be thankful for. We are blessed.


2014 October 24
by Barb

FullSizeRenderJosie (Cabela & Ryan) is such a fun loving dog. She is always game to let
the girls dress her up and simply enjoys hanging out with family and
friends. She makes us laugh, gives the best cuddles, and loves us all
unconditionally. Thanks for picking the best dog for our family. We adore



2014 October 16
by Barb

photo(41)Age 1 (Zoey/Jackson Pup)

Happy with our training

2014 October 12
by Barb


Lewey 2(1) Lewey 1(1)

Hi Barb: I thought I would send you an update on Lewey (Copper/Jackson) – who is 5 months old today!  As you can see, he is a very handsome boy and I receive compliments on him constantly.  He is so strong, healthy, fun, intelligent – and already 46 lbs!!  Lewey enjoys coming to work with me every day, where he has mastered his job duty skills in napping.  He is very mellow and laid back, kind with anyone or animal he encounters.  We had Daniel stop over for one training session with Lewey and since, he has not needed any other formal training (thank you Daniel).  He has brought much joy into my home, thank you for providing me with such a wonderful and gorgeous puppy.

Hope all is well. Until the next update……


After training Zoey

2014 October 12
by Barb

Dear Barb & Russ,
Our 2 weeks with Zoey since we picked her up have been wonderful. You have indeed taken her to the next level. She heels on leash extremely well, does sit and stay beautifully and in general is a much more trainable girl( an unanticipated bonus). The DVD is great. The first time we watched it Zoey was with us and would sit when Russ told her to and ran out in our hallway to chase a tennis ball that sailed off the side of the TV. When it was over she went behind the TV I`m sure to find you or Russ…..Thank you both so much, Steve, Lee & Zoey

Amy is Homecoming Queen

2014 September 26
by Barb


10351006_10153239047610620_2076984616987820170_n 10551456_704726389581564_8020575548020162411_o

Amy was crowned the Homecoming Queen for Litchfield High School Monday
night. I have to say I am pretty emotional as I write this. 19 years ago
when Amy was born and I read all the negative things about Down Syndrome, I
remember wondering if Amy would have any friends. I wish I could send the
photos on Amy’s Facebook page to all the authors and professionals who made
us feel like Amy would never fit in, never be a success. Thanks to her
amazing family and friends and community, she has proven them wrong. It
isn’t the “queen” thing that makes us so happy. It is the fact that all
those students opened their hearts and got to know who Amy is and nominated
her as their queen. That is what makes us so proud of them and our
community. The class that Amy is in has made this possible. The way they
have accepted her and helped her through the years. Amy has an amazing group
of friends and teachers and mentors that allow her to be a part of their
Feeling overwhelmed with joy today. God Bless the students and faculty of


Heatley & Crosby

2014 September 26
by Barb

image0019.26Hi Barb!


I know the dust is probably just settling for you after the State Fair but I wanted to send you this photo as it was taken just a day before Heatley (Hazel/Champ) turned the big “1” :) Crosby (age 6 1/2, Captain/Ruby) and Heatley adore each other equally and we cannot imagine life without them together!  They continue to be head-turners on the street for their classic Golden beauty, and their well-mannered but fun-loving and kind behavior is just a blessing! Thank you, as always, for sharing your gift with our family.   I hope this finds you well!


Much Love,


Two special birthdays

2014 September 3
by Barb

If you have submitted a puppy application and I have not contacted you yet, DON’T DESPAIR!! I will call you this week for a phone interview. I honestly don’t know where the time goes everyday but between the State Fair, the litter we have, canning all the produce from the garden and trying to drink in every minute of summer with my grandkids before they go back to school, I have not had time to call you! I am very sorry and hope you do not feel rejected!! I will be emailing you tomorrow to set up a time for a phone interview. We should have puppies available late fall and early spring!!!!

DSC_9985 DSC_0026

Today is a very special day. It is our daughter Kelly’s 32 birthday and our granddaughter Norah’s 3 birthday. I remember when Kelly was born like it was yesterday. She was such a fun, happy little girl. She was always doing cartwheels or handstands! She has grown into the most amazing wife and mother. She has 4 small children but you would never know it! She manages her home so well. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have such an amazing daughter & friend.

Little Norah has her own unique personality. It is so fun getting to know who she is. Norah loves to hold the puppies when they are small. She likes to be Grandma’s helper.

I love celebrating birthdays. Taking time out of everyday life to let someone know how very special they are. Happy Birthday to my sweet Kelly & Norah Pie!!