Aria & her dogs

2015 November 29
by Barb

IMG_6159This is my sweet little granddaughter Aria. She just turned one. Her dogs
Cabela and Milly are not crazy about sharing their bed with her!


2015 November 12
by Barb

Hi Barb,

It has been close to 14 years since we bought Finn from you. Since we just celebrated his  birthday, I thought you may like to know that he is still with us and doing quite well. He has been an amazing dog and has always been very healthy. Thank you for breeding such high quality puppies.

20150802_131208 20150712_100520

Here are a couple pictures of Finn going for a swim on his birthday, and visiting the farm in Mankato in July.

Mary and Brad


2015 November 12
by Barb
image2 image1 (3)
image3 (2)

Just wanted to share some pictures of Lady (Hazel/Finny) with you.  She’s
amazing, there is no better way to describe her.


2015 November 11
by Barb

20150913_150635Hi Barb,
Just wanted to send you an update about Sabin, he will be 6 at the end of the month.  We continue to adore him, he truly is a wonderful dog.  Unfortunately with my job I see Golden Retrievers all too often with health or personality problems that are likely due (at least in part) to poor breeding, I’m so happy with my guy – I think he represents the breed well – from his looks to his personality to his continued good health he’s great!
Children seem to be particularly attracted to  and he loves the attention from them.  We recently visited the Clay County Fair (which is a big deal in Iowa, almost as big as our state fair is) for some volunteer experiences and he did great.  He was part of a demonstration that allow people to listen to a dog’s heart and we did a presentation on dog bite prevention for elementary students. He had the opportunity to meet many new people and get lots of loving so he was in Golden Retriever heaven!
I have attached a picture of Sabin and myself with “Cy” our mascot from Iowa State who was also at 4-H discovery days with us at the fair.


Cheers, Janessa​

Training success

2015 November 11
by Barb

Finn’s training has helped tremendously!
He’s such a well behaved boy now.
He greets people so much nicer (no jumping)  and overall other skills have been reaffirmed.

Mark & Lauri

Socializing makes a difference

2015 November 10
by Barb

This is how a typical Rolling Oaks Puppy approaches people! We believe our
socializing program produces very happy, healthy puppies!

YouTube Preview Image

Remembering Maddie

2015 November 3
by Barb
Maddie Door County (1) Maddie Door County Pic 2 (1)

Just wanted to let you know my beloved 11 year old golden Maddie passed away on the very day that you called me last week.
She began bleeding internally and it could not be stopped.  Maddie was quite a local celebrity; she read with the children at the local library, performed in the Broadway play “Annie” and taught the children at the Firehouses on how to stop, drop and roll and yes she was recognized as the golden that could count…..and indeed she could…..she was loved by so many.  She had earned all of her agility/obedience/rally titles……and had just begun Barn Hunt receiving her first title two weeks prior.
I just wanted you to know how really special Maddie was.   I attached a couple of pictures from our most recent vacation.
If the next golden you pick out for me is only half of what she was I will be so blessed.

Celebrating Life

2015 October 7
by Barb

IMG_0611 (2)IMG_0629Celebrating the birth of our sweet little granddaughter Clara Ruth Jergens.
I had the privilege of being present when she was born. What a miracle new
birth is. There is something magical about that moment when you hear the
first cry. I am so thankful for this new life and I am excited to see who
she grows to be. Lots to be thankful for!!

Rosie & boarding at Rolling Oaks East-Brooklyn Center

2015 October 1
by Barb

Dear Barb,
Our Rosie is a neighborhood celebrity.  She loves getting hooked up to her leash and going on walks because with each walk her fan club grows.  Recently a girl asked to pet Rosie and exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever puppy!” as Rosie lay on her back and indulged in belly rubs.  I know exactly how that girl feels because it took 38 years for this girl (me) to have the exact dream come true.

Mark and I are proud puppy parents.  Rosie makes us laugh, smile, and take time to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of watching our sweet girl wrestle with her favorite toys.  We fondly call her “Rosie Roux” because her color reminds us of the combination of butter and flour.

Thank you, Barb, for so lovingly preparing your puppies for their future homes.  Thank you for referring us to your daughter, Kelly, and Rolling Oaks East.  As working puppy parents, Mark and I realize that raising a puppy is a team effort and feel fortunate to have Kelly and her family on our team.

Sincerely, Kate and Mark Mabel


2015 September 23
by Barb
Nali with her two puppies

Nali with her two puppies











Madison and Nali had their litters last week. Madison has 8, Nali 2. These
puppies are spoken for. Zoey is due in 2 weeks and they are spoken for as
well.  Our next available puppies will be born around December and ready for
their new homes in February. As you can see in the photo of Amy, she is
feeling better and back to her job of “holding puppies”. It has been a very
tough year and I want to say a special thank you to all of you who prayed
for us and supported us. God is faithful and true! Amy is now feeding
herself completely, dressing herself and laughing and giggling like she used
to. Thank you for being patient when I am not quick to answer your phone
calls or emails. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. It is so
wonderful to have puppies again. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly
they grow and how soft & sweet they are. We are blessed.