2014 July 25
by Barb
heater1 heater2

Hi Barb,  I know you’re busy with things, but I just wanted to give you an update on the boys.  Heatley (Hazel/Champ) and Crosby (Captain/Ruby) are doing awesome. My sanity is being tested with the combination of 8 paws, melting snow and a very muddy yard but nothing a little hose and towel on the deck can’t help. I just wish it weren’t *every* time they go outside!!  Heaters is growing strong – last vet appt a few weeks ago he was 65 lbs and declared all muscle. Our vet said, “just keep doing what you’re doing, he’s one heck of a specimen.” read more…


2014 July 25
by Barb
photo 5 photo 2(3)
photo 1(1) photo 3

Hi Barb,
My furry friend Sawyer was born on your farm 11 years ago today. I thought
I’d attach a few pictures to show you how he’s doing.
We live on Minnehaha Creek now-and he’s never been happier. He & my husband
have quite a special bond too. :) I hope life is treating you well. We are
expecting our first child (a boy) in September-so Sawyer will have some
adjusting! As expected, he’s wonderful with my nieces & nephews.
Happy Summer!



2014 July 25
by Barb

photo 2(2)5 years ago today, you were minding newborn puppies from Delilah & Captain. Gracie was one of the pups and we are celebrating her 5th birthday! She is a great, playful adult dog. We have so much fun with her. Thanks so much for all you do to provide so many with great, well rounded healthy Goldens. read more…

It’s July

2014 July 8
by Barb
Barb with her granddaughters Avery and Olivia

Barb with her granddaughters Avery and Olivia

It is July already and we have a break in the action! No puppies and just a few dogs to train. The grandkids are taking turns coming to the farm to spend some time with us. I love having time with them alone. Russ and I get to know them a little better without their parents and siblings around. July is also a month that brings back memories for me. My dad was killed in July, 1968. Our son was born in July, 1987 and was killed in a car accident 18 days later. On his birthday this year I sent a text to all of my kids reminding them of their brother’s birthday, and also to say how thankful I am that they are all ALIVE. Life is so fragile and precious. I try and not take it for granted, but it slips up on me and all of a sudden I realize I am not appreciating all the good things there are, but I am quick to see the bad. I hate that. Just go to the children’s ward in a hospital or look at the living conditions in third world countries. It won’t take you long to be happy with what you have. We are so blessed in America and I am extremely blessed to have so many amazing people and animals in my life. As I bike the dogs down our half mile drive-way and watch them run and romp without a care in the world, I am reminded of “casting my cares upon Him”. There is nothing too big in my life that the Lord can’t handle. In all the tragedy, He has brought triumph. He has restored my joy and healed my broken heart. If you are experiencing tragedy in your life, turn to Him. He is the only one who will never leave you nor forsake you. God has never called me on the cell phone or sent me an email, but He has spoken to me through His word, other people and even the dogs. Many times He brings comfort through others. I am not supposed to go to Africa to be a missionary. My mission field is right here. I am called to be a wife and mother and to raise healthy, wonderful puppies to bring joy and even healing to my clients.

I don’t mean to be so deep. I think it’s important for my clients to have a glimpse of who I really am. To sum it up, I am the luckiest person in the world to share my life with my family, and share my puppies with some amazing people!


Berthe (Emmy/Captain) & Archie (Hazel/Champ)

2014 June 30
by Barb

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to write — nearly a month, actually. I finished the term and then took off for two weeks in Italy! Great indulgence. Chuck stayed home with the pooches, but even before I left I knew things would be just fine.

In fact, they are better than ever. I’ve attached a few pictures. Archie plays The Little Prince quite well, and Berthe plays with him and tolerates his self-possession. It is quite lovely.

Thank you for all of your advice when I needed it most.


Archie_me Berthe_Chuck
Archie_Berthe Archie_thinking




More Pics of Delilah’s March Litter at 6 weeks

2014 June 30
by Barb
Delilah 002 Delilah 004
Delilah 007 Delilah 006
Delilah 009 Delilah 010
Delilah 011 Delilah 007(1)
Delilah 007(2) Delilah 009(1)
Delilah 011(1) Delilah 012


Delilah’s March litter

2014 June 30
by Barb
Delilah 013 Amy's Birthday 010
puppies at church 045 puppies at church 037
puppies at church 034 puppies at church 049
puppies 102 puppies 094
puppies 107 001
photo(39) photo(40)
YouTube Preview Image

Videos of Ezra & Jackson’s March Litter

2014 June 13
by Barb
YouTube Preview Image

Ezra’s Puppies visit Day Care
YouTube Preview Image

Ezra & Jackson- 6 weeks

2014 June 13
by Barb

Everyday we went to a different place to expose the puppies to different smells and experiences.

The puppies went to my brother’s farm today and saw sheep and were
introduced to another dog. It is so good for them to experience all the
different smells!

Ezra 001(1) Ezra 003(1)
Ezra 006(1) Ezra 011

The puppies visited our church during Easter where over 100 kids got to hold and kiss the puppies, a Memory Loss Care Facility, a day care, and as always held by our friends, grandchildren and family too!

puppies at church 024 puppies at church 001
puppies at church 003 puppies at church 007
image003 DSC_6980
Ezra 005 Ezra 002
Ezra 011(1) Ezra 006(2)
Ezra 008 Ezra 009
Ezra 006 Ezra 004
Ezra 001 Ezra 003

Ezra & Jackson’s March Litter

2014 June 13
by Barb

Ezra had 8 puppies on March 11!!  There are 5 males, 3 females. Jackson is the father to this litter. Below are some photos of the puppies as each week.  At five weeks they really started to explore!

IMG_0061 IMG_0045
March puppies 021 IMG_20140416_210153
IMG_20140416_211333 IMG_20140417_095505
IMG_20140417_095446 DSC_6565
DSC_6543 DSC_6554
puppies 076 puppies 077
puppies 092 puppies 079
puppies 082 puppies 078