Cabela’s puppies Video

2015 February 12
by Barb
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Emmy’s Litter

2015 February 12
by Barb
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Cabela’s Litter

2015 February 12
by Barb
IMG_4413 November 2014 005
November 2014 004 IMG_4576
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Nali’s puppies

2015 February 2
by Barb

We have females available in Nali’s litter. If you are interested, please fill out a puppy application.  They will be ready to go to their new homes March 12 or 13.

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Nali’s puppies are one week old

2015 February 2
by Barb
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We got to spend the weekend with three of our grandchildren.  The kids had so much fun holding Nali’s puppies.  I love spending Saturday morning hearing these two kiss and hold the pups.

Nali’s Puppies Are Here

2015 January 27
by Barb

IMG_4719Nali had 9 puppies January 22. There are 6 females, 3 males. Champ is the father. ”
There are females available in this litter. They will be ready to go to their new homes March 12.
We are also taking applications for our later spring
litters. We will have puppies available that will be born in March and ready
for their new homes in May. If you are interested please fill out
a puppy application and we will call you for a phone interview within a week
to answer any questions you have and explain a little more about the process
of getting a Rolling Oaks Golden!

Copper’s Pups

2015 January 6
by Barb
IMG_1110 IMG_1108
IMG_1107 IMG_4279


Milly & Copper’s Puppies

2015 January 6
by Barb
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Milly’s Puppies

2014 December 19
by Barb
DSC_0926 DSC_0924
November 2014 015 November 2014 017


Merry Christmas from Rolling Oaks!

2014 December 19
by Barb

We just mailed out the Christmas cards from Rolling Oaks Goldens. If you did not receive one in the next week
but would like to, please email me your mailing address.

This Christmas season has been exceptionally busy here at Rolling Oaks. Our
fourth litter is leaving this week end. What a joy it has been to hand over
all these healthy, happy puppies to their new owners. But, not without a
price! I couldn’t make Thanksgiving dinner because Milly’s puppies were
leaving and it was Emmy’s puppy visit. Our oldest daughter Christie and her
husband came and made the entire meal and helped us test the puppies to
determine their personalities. Our daughter Anna came home with her husband
and they cleaned the whole  house and put up some Christmas decorations. No
tree this year. Not that I am the Grinch, just didn’t have time. So here it
is, just a few days before Christmas with no baking done, no shopping done
or gifts wrapped. No tree or Christmas lights. None of our personal
Christmas cards have been sent. Do I sound desperate?  I am not. Kelly
ordered all the grandkids their gifts online and they are being delivered
right to my door! The cards will get sent, maybe a little late, but that’s
okay. The baking, well, no guarantees there, but Dove makes some amazing
chocolate and Schwan’s has excellent peppermint ice cream!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude not only for my family this season, but for
my business. Yes, Russ and I have been pushed over the edge with exhaustion.
There have been some high stress moments, but the times when I bring a
litter into a room full of students and am greeted with shrills of
excitement, or a lounge filled with elderly people who can’t wait to hold
and kiss a puppy…or the look on the new owners face when I say “this is
your puppy” all make up for it. The interaction between my grandchildren and
the puppies is priceless. Each puppy got held every single day. Each puppy
had one on one time with a human to determine if it was a calm or playful
pup. Each puppy was loved.

2014-12-05 17.46.53 2014-12-05 17.47.11

I am looking forward to the weekend after Christmas when all of our family
will be home and I can rock and sing to our new little granddaughter Aria
and bring the older kids out on the ice with the dogs. When people ask me if
I am ready for Christmas, I can reply “I am”!

I am posting a few of the moments captured from the last two and a half