Rosie & boarding at Rolling Oaks East-Brooklyn Center

2015 October 1
by Barb

Dear Barb,
Our Rosie is a neighborhood celebrity.  She loves getting hooked up to her leash and going on walks because with each walk her fan club grows.  Recently a girl asked to pet Rosie and exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever puppy!” as Rosie lay on her back and indulged in belly rubs.  I know exactly how that girl feels because it took 38 years for this girl (me) to have the exact dream come true.

Mark and I are proud puppy parents.  Rosie makes us laugh, smile, and take time to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of watching our sweet girl wrestle with her favorite toys.  We fondly call her “Rosie Roux” because her color reminds us of the combination of butter and flour.

Thank you, Barb, for so lovingly preparing your puppies for their future homes.  Thank you for referring us to your daughter, Kelly, and Rolling Oaks East.  As working puppy parents, Mark and I realize that raising a puppy is a team effort and feel fortunate to have Kelly and her family on our team.

Sincerely, Kate and Mark Mabel


2015 September 23
by Barb
Nali with her two puppies

Nali with her two puppies











Madison and Nali had their litters last week. Madison has 8, Nali 2. These
puppies are spoken for. Zoey is due in 2 weeks and they are spoken for as
well.  Our next available puppies will be born around December and ready for
their new homes in February. As you can see in the photo of Amy, she is
feeling better and back to her job of “holding puppies”. It has been a very
tough year and I want to say a special thank you to all of you who prayed
for us and supported us. God is faithful and true! Amy is now feeding
herself completely, dressing herself and laughing and giggling like she used
to. Thank you for being patient when I am not quick to answer your phone
calls or emails. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. It is so
wonderful to have puppies again. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly
they grow and how soft & sweet they are. We are blessed.

Come see us at the Minnesota State Fair!

2015 September 3
by Barb

state-fairCome and see us at the Minnesota State Fair! We will be in the Pet Center, which is located on the north side of the fair grounds on Murphy (between Cooper & Underwood). It is conveniently located next to the northern end of the SkyGlider chair lift. We will be there both weekends, all day (8 a.m.-8 p.m.) on August 29th/30th and September 5th & 6th. 


2015 July 6
by Barb

Hi Barb!


Hope your family is doing well.  I think of Amy from time to time and pray for her.  I hope she is making improvements.


IMG_3504We had Daniel out a few weeks ago for an in home training session for Lindy (Ruthie/Champ).  I just wanted to send you a “mom’s email” to let you know how proud of him you can be.  It is obvious he is a man of integrity who genuinely cares for others and is also very intuitive. :)  He was very helpful and was so gracious to take time with our whole family to help us as we walk this journey with Lindy.  What a great job you and your husband did raising him… :)

Lindy is getting so big…the boys adore her and she is a regular part of our family.

Thanks again for all you did for our little girl…it has been a lot of work over the last few months but I know it will be worth it. :)

Blessings to you-


Boarding at Rolling Oaks East

2015 July 6
by Barb

IMG_2748 (1)IMG_2907Hi Barb
I wanted to say thank you for getting me in touch with your daughter Kelly.
(Rolling Oaks East) Her and her family took great care of Tahoe and Magic
while we were gone on a family vacation. It was great for us knowing they
were with a family who loved Goldens. When we picked them up they were
perfectly calm and relaxed telling me they just spent the week at a perfect
place. What a lovely family you have!


2015 July 1
by Barb
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.06.17 PM IMG_0814
IMG_0088 IMG_0905
11128555_10204123097419264_528523176_o 18909_10204157646482969_2813124937445214303_n

Hi Barb!

I was just thinking of you. Beverly (Hazel/Champ) is doing great! She can sit, stay, shake and come (although when she is distracted these things are a little harder for her). We are still working on down. Bev is doing wonderful in her crate and even went in on her own to sleep while we were making dinner.

Bev loves loves loves people – especially kids. Whenever we see one on the street she gets super excited and wants to run over to see him or her. She loves to snuggle with us and lay on our feet when we are cooking dinner. We often play fetch with her and she is slowly learning to “drop”. Bev loves to eat EVERYTHING off of the ground. Sticks, flowers, dirt, you name it. She is learning fast and we couldn’t be happier with our girl! Here is a few pics of our growing pup!

-Carley & Chris


2015 July 1
by Barb

DSC06224 DSC06218Sawyer (Finny and Hazel 2011) just turned 3!!! Wow has the time flown by—he’s our
perfect Squishy bear of a Golden!!  Love this guy to Pieces!!

Steph, Doug and Blake


2015 July 1
by Barb

IMG_0210IMG_0202 IMG_0200Hi Barb!
Rusty (Zoey/Jackson) turned ONE on April 26th. Ryan and I wanted to express our thanks to you for giving us the best dog we could have ever imagined. This past year has been so enriched with Rusty in our lives. Getting a Rolling Oaks Golden was a dream come true and we are so thankful for all of the work you and your family do! Enjoy some pictures of our Rusty boy!
Ryan and Anna

Abbie retrieving

2015 June 28
by Barb

Here is a video of Abbie (Hazel/Champ) learning to retrieve in the water.

YouTube Preview Image


2015 June 28
by Barb

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)Hi Barb and family-
Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Chester (Hazel/Champ – March 1,
2014).  He is such a good boy.  He loves hunting, fishing, and going just
about anywhere with us.  He has passed obedience level 1 with flying colors
(though our vet proclaimed that he hides it well!).  He is a beauty and a
sweetheart.  All our best to you and yours.  Jennifer